A Curious Guide - Quick Start.
The default prefix of Curiosity is semicolon ( ; ).
To find the server prefix just type Prefix in chat.

Toggle Commands
You can enable / disable almost all commands of Curiosity.
You can also disable the Ranking System by doing the following.
First you type ;Disable then it will ask you for what command.
You simply type the command in chat to disable it. In this case Rankings.
After that Curiosity will acknowledge that it's disabled !

Setting A Prefix
To set a new server prefix type ;SetPrefix (prefix).
If you did not typed a prefix then it becomes a empty space.
To be able to reset the prefix just use the above command

Moderation Commands
For Mod Commands you need to have specific roles in order to use them.
We have divided the commands between 2 seperate roles for extra security

These Commands you need the Moderator role.
* Lockdown (R) - Flush - Say - Warn - Purge - VMute - VUnMute
These Commands you need the Admin role.
* SetPrefix - Kick - Ban - Reset ( warnings, spanks, stabs, kicks and bans)
Admins can do all moderators commands by default

Detailed Command Info
This will give you all detailed information about every command
that is available on Curiosity. This also shows the usage of the command.
To use this command simply type ;Info in chat and wait for the menu to appear.
Once it's loaded you simply type the command you would like to recieve more info on.

To contact the developer type ;MsgDev message
To give us a opinion of Curiousity type ;Opinion message
To send us a bug report type ;ReportBug message