A Curious Guide - Quick Start.
Customize Curiosity
In version 3.0 we have introduced a new way to interact
with Curiosity. Now you can choose yourself what roles
to use for admins and moderators, as well as what channels
to set as NSFW and so on. This does how ever mean that
Curiosity staff commands will not work from a fresh start
simply because she does not know yet what roles to look for.

How to install Curiosity correctly !
When Curiosity joins the server first thing to do is
setting up the bot correctly via .settings or .set for short.
A settings menu will pop up. This menu is interactive meaning
you do not need to use the prefix for the next input. Simply
reply with a corresponding number in chat to continue.

How to set the admin and moderator role ?
First type .settings in chat then type 1
to set up your moderator role. Curiosity will now pop up a
message telling you to insert the name of the role you concider
to be your moderator role. Now you simply enter the name of that
role in chat and your done ! The same thing also counts for
setting up your admin role. First got to .settings then number 2.

Set your custom server prefix !
With Curiousity you can set up your own custom server prefix !
Simply type .prefix to open the prefix menu.
Then type 2 in chat. This will spawn a message with the question
what prefix to use. Enter now in chat the prefix you want to use in chat.

To be or not to be NSFW ?
Curiosity has multiple nsfw commands as users have requested this alot.
But we do understand not everyone like to have this on there server.
Curiousity searches by default for a channel that is called nsfw.
If this channel exists all nsfw command will work from the start. If
you want other channels to be a nsfw channel or to disable it completely
simply type .nsfw in chat and follow the instructions.
Same as the settings and prefix menu the nsfw channel is interactive.
Simply type one of the corresponding numbers in chat to activate the function.