CMD ShortC Input Result
BotInfo BI Returns Information about Curiosity
Calculator CALC Input Does a math calculation for you
Game Game Name Ask people to play a game
GMC Total amount of Curiosity users
Google GG Search Input Search something on Google
Help H Return the Curiosity help menu
Invite INV Gives you the Bot and Server invite
MemberCount MC Returns your server member count
Permlvl PL / Perms Returns your permission level on this bot
Ping Returns the latency between you and the bot
Prefix Return the bots command token
Ping Returns the latency between you and the bot
Reddit RED Search Input Return your searched reddit topic
ServerInfo SI Returns this server info
Translate Language TR / Trans Text Translates your input to given language
Uptime UT Return the time Curiosity is online
Weather WEA City of Country Returns the weather report of the given area
Youtube YT Search Input Search a youtube video