CMD ShortC Input /
8Ball 8 / Ball Question Gives you a
Advice Àdv Gives some randome good advice
Advice Gives you a "It's Alive" joke
Bernie Gives you a random Bernie Sanders joke
Bill Gives a random "Be like Bill" meme
Cat Gif Gives a random cat picture or meme
Catfact CF Gives you a random fact about cats
Chuck CH Gives you a random Chuck Norris meme
Clintons CL Gives you a random Clinton meme
Coinflip C / Coin Returns heads or tails
Dog Gif Returns a random gid picture or gif
Dogfact DF Returns a random dog fact
Ego Username Will stroke your or a users ego
Eyes I can see you !!
Fanceh FAN Text Converts into emojies
Image IMG Item to search Returns a picture of what you want to search
Initial INIT Text Capitalizes the first letter of every word
Insult INS @user Fancy insults a user
Joke J Retuns a picture with a joke on it
Kim Korea Gif Returns a random Kim Jong Un picture or gif
Leetspeak LS Text Converts text into numbers
Meme mm / me Gives a random picture of gif meme
Numfact NF Number returns a fact about a given number
Obama OB Gif Returns a random Obama picture or gif
Oracle ORA Gives you advice from the almighty orcale
Putin PU Gif Returns a random Vladimir Putin picture or gif
Rate RT Returns a rate from 1 to 10 (sometimes higher)
Reverse REV Text Returns your text in reverse
Russia RU Gif Returns a random Russia picture or gif
Spank SK @User Spank a user of your choice
Stab ST @User Stab yourself or a user of your choice
Tiny TY Text Returns your text in a tiny format
Trump DT Gif Returns a random Donald Trump picture or gif
Weed WD / 420 Gif Returns a random Weed picture or gif
Xkcd XK Returns a webcomic drivin by Randall Munroe
YoMomma MOM Returns a random YoMomma joke