What is Curiosity?
Curiosity is made for the curious ones. It's made for moderation, its made to protect against raids, just lock the channel with one click. Do you not like the prefix ; ? Then just change it via ;setprefix . Curiosity is music.. You like to listen to your favorite song in high quality ? Why not. But most of all Curiosity is fun !! With tons of fun commands like meme, jokes, yomommas and so on. We will never be finished !!! we don't stop were other bots did !!! we will make it better, bigger and adding more useful stuff every week. Our goal is to make the best Discord bot out there paying close attention to functionality, beauty and Curiosity is linked to a database that keeps your ranking and prefix stored. You can always check your level and prefix via the basic commands that never will change even when setting the prefix. We humans revolutionize not cause of innovation but out of curiosity.