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Curiosity The Translator The Joker

Why we are awesome


We take care of all out projects. We continuously keep working on them. For example Curiosity is already over 4 years old, and we are still developing it to be even better. If you use one of our bots in your server you can be guaranteed that it will not be abandoned !


If you need you can always contact us in multiple different ways ! Unlike a lot of other developers we are social and ready to help ! You are contact us via email: Click here, Or via Discord: Click here. For customar support please email us. General support questions you also may ask directly on discord.


To develop best most perfect bots for the Discord platform. Instead of having countless of bots t o get everything you need and want, having just 1 bot that does all of the things. We are building a community of developers that will build on the same projects and there own. To combine them here on this website to be one.


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Designer / Developer

Javascript - HTML - CSS Developer of the Curiosity Discord bot, Bumper upvote bot. Currently developing The Translator and Crossfire RPG

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Searching for developer

Do you like to develop, and do you like to work in a team ? Then maybe we are something you are looking for ! Send us a email !



Our bots are optimized for all platforms. The messages have a fixed dimention so that you are not getting a bunch of choas when showing results on a phone screen. Some of our projects use emojies to guide through help menues. This way we have reduced the amount of typed commands, making it all more user friendly


Our projects are connected to each others. You do only need 1 account and you will be able to use all of our bots with that account. You are still able to set settings seperate for your server like the bots prefix. Example: If you purchaged credits in The Translator then you will also be able to use them in any other bot without transfering anything.


Setting up and using our bots is very easy and user friendly on any device ! We use emojies to guide the pages and toggle the settings, instead of using commands. This way we reduced the amount of commands you need to type with up to 50% ! All settings are set within Discord. No need to switch to a web dashboard ! ( A web dashboard will be made soon and is optional )


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If you have any questions, concerns or ideas for our projects?
You may always contact us. We will do our best to
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Luyksgestel, The Netherlands